Ariel Helwani: What Fight Is Biggest For Jon Jones? | The MMA Hour | On The Nose

  • 2024.05.09
  • MMA
Ariel Helwani: What Fight Is Biggest For Jon Jones? | The MMA Hour | On The Nose

In the latest edition of On the Nose, Ariel Helwani and the crew answer your questions about UFC streaming, Tyson vs. Paul, RIZIN posters, the Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake beef, Naoya Inoue’s win over Luis Nery, the chances Inoue fights Tank Davis, the latest in the Ryan Garcia saga, the roast of Tom Brady, and more.

00:00:00 Intro
00:09:12 More free to watch streaming events?
00:15:37 Should I ask my girlfriend to leave a day early to attend UFC event?
00:18:24 Fan Shoutout
00:19:50 VOD music removed on some episodes
00:21:00 Your opinion of Tyson vs Paul sanctioned as a pro fight?
00:24:46 Tell PFL to sell posters at events
00:26:07 Thoughts on Drake/Kendrick beef
00:31:48 Who’s winning the beef?
00:33:17 How was it being on Morning Kombat last week?
00:43:36 With Garcia’s behavior leading up to the fight and the things we learned after, does Garcia still deserve an apology as you stated?
00:50:02 Thoughts on Chantelle Cameron splitting from matchroom?
00:51:42 Who would you invite to your Roast?
00:53:22 Does it get tough to hold information back?
00:56:05 Why dont One Championship fighters have the same success as fighters in other promotions?
00:58:02 What do you think about Dustin’s bet line for his fight against Islam?
00:59:55 Fan feels like GC ignoring him
01:01:37 Jon Jones forgets Tom and takes on Alex Pereira?
01:03:28 Who wins best roaster from Tom Brady Roast?
01:04:40 Knicks Pacers
01:08:27 How bad is your eyesight?
01:08:56 Favorite season of the Challenge
01:10:39 Letting bygones go
01:12:00 Bills update
01:13:12 Did you go to PR? Any Recommendations?
01:14:00 Helwani Haters
01:15:40 Break from Twitter
01:18:05 Put the Glasses back on
01:18:32 Is there a specific food or drink you have during your favorite show or podcast?
01:22:22 When do we get the Ariel Helwani Show?

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