DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Trailer Explained: Who Killed The X-men Breakdown, X-23 Teaser & Easter Eggs

DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Trailer Explained: Who Killed The X-men Breakdown, X-23 Teaser & Easter Eggs

DEADPOOL AND WOLVERINE Trailer Explained: Who Killed The X-men Breakdown, X-23 Teaser & Easter Eggs. We break down, explain and analyze the new Deadpool 3 trailer and discuss the TVA, X-23, Who killed the X-men, Logan, Cassandra Nova, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, The X-men, Cameos and more.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Paul and this video we’re breaking down Deadpool and Wolverine.

With the new trailer dropping yesterday I thought we’d take a second look to go over some theories we have about whats coming in the movie. There’s a tonne of little clues and teases for things and in this video I wanna break it all down. Not gonna do a big intro I just wanna jump straight into it and talk about why I think we’re gonna see Daphne Keene.

Now that line stands out a bunch to me because of the use of kid and the fact that Wolverines saying he’s not a hero. Because we’re dealing with alternate realities and versions of the character I think we’re gonna go into the logan universe. This was teased during that very first trailer when we could catch Deadpool fighting in the woods. This looked like the same tree stump logan died on and Deadpool also threw three blades. Many people have thought this might actually be the claws from his corpse with Deadpool grabbing them and using them as weapons.

I think in this world we might also encounter X-23 who thinks that her hero has returned. Logan of course died saving her and her friends so she’d be over the moon to see him come back. I doubt Wolverine would be saying trust me kid I’m not hero to deadpool cos I cant see Deadpool getting called kid. Also doubt he’d think he was a hero cos Paradox has already explained what happened to his universe.

Now what that is is something we get teases to throughout with all the X-men clearly being dead. We pass what I believe are their grave stones with these being similar in design to the one for professor X.

Ryan Arey bloody Ryan Arey also pointed out theyre similar to the graves of days of future past with this being another time when the mutants were wiped out.

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