This Shocking Report Exposes India’s 2024 Growth

This Shocking Report Exposes India’s 2024 Growth

In this video, we breakdown the Indus Valley Report 2024 Edition in which we discuss the business landscape in India is evolving in 2024 and the opportunities you can capitalize on as a seasoned or budding entrepreneur.

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00:00 Intro
02:25 Section 1: How India Stack up to its Peers
07:35 Consumption
09:39 The 3 India’s
13:45 India’s Consuming Class is Growing
15:18 The Equity Market In India
17:04 Personal Loans is taking off in India
19:39 India is the Largest Exporter of Human Capital
21:53 Varun’s Personal Example on being first Global Tech Creator
23:04 Government & Indus Valley
25:24 Startups In India
27:00 Venture Capital is slowing down
31:06 New Phenomenon : Digitally Native Brands
38:07 Conclusion

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